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We are very excited to announce that Penn and Teller are joining our entertainment line up on Saturday, September 16th!!

What better way to close out our networking event

than with this dynamic team?!

More Entertainment News

In addition to Penn and Teller, we have the amazing Bella Electric Strings performing on September 15th this group will bring a bit of classical music married with rock!  Additionally, at our limited seating Welcome Reception Illusionist and MTV Host Rob Anderson, will circulate the crowd

thrilling us with his magic!


SSLDR, previously known as Social Security Disability Leadership (SSDL), aims to empower and educate disability representatives by providing comprehensive training, fostering leadership skills, promoting technological proficiency, and offering valuable networking opportunities. At SSLDR, we are committed to building a vibrant and inclusive community of disability representatives who are well-prepared, connected, and united in their pursuit of justice for individuals with disabilities. Together, we strive to elevate the standards of disability representation and improve outcomes for those who rely on our advocacy and support.

Spots for this event are limited. Book early to save yours!

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