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Staff Training

Previously known as Social Security Disability Leadership (SSDL), an organization that made it a priority to recognize the leaders in the Social Security Disability industry is expanding! Allow us to introduce Social Security Leadership for Disability Representatives (SSLDR). 

Through our commitment to excellence, SSLDR aims to enhance the knowledge and expertise of disability representatives, enabling them to better serve their clients. We strive to improve the quality of social security representation nationwide.

SSLDR goes beyond traditional educational offerings by providing immersive retreats and other networking events that facilitate connections among representatives from diverse backgrounds and regions. By uniting the trade, we foster collaboration, mutual support, and the sharing of innovative ideas to drive positive change in the disability representation community. 

We recognize the significance of technology in the modern legal landscape and are dedicated to equipping disability representatives with the necessary technological skills. Through specialized training programs, SSLDR enables representatives to leverage cutting-edge tools, software, and digital resources to enhance their efficiency, effectiveness, and client service. 

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